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Each month we'll bring you first-hand experiences from our PA workforce, so you can discover exactly what it's like to transition to a Locum Physician Associate.

This month we're happy to introduce Menar. Here is what she had to say about the whole experience...

Why did you make the jump to Locum?

My full time PA role became quite demanding and made it impossible to maintain a good work-life balance, especially during the height of the pandemic. I wanted a more flexible role, with the option to work on a part-time basis. I also wanted to gain more GP experience 


LocumPA have opportunities with so many clients, allowing me to gain a lot more experience. I found the rates LocumPA offer reflect the level of service an experienced PA should be achieving. 

How has locuming helped shape your career?

It has definitely helped, especially with broadening my experience in General Practice as I’ve now worked with different patient demographics alongside strong, experienced GPs and advanced practioners who provide support and guidance when needed. I have also had more exposure in a mixture of clinics, such as telephone triage, face-to-face and chronic conditions, and medication reviews, allowing me to vastly improve my experience and knowledge as a PA. 


What reservations did you have prior to becoming a Locum?

My main concern surrounded stability and security of regular shifts being available to me, as I still wanted to reach a certain number of hours each week. I found that through Locum PA there are plenty of shifts available, and it’s so easy to book the shifts (even up to a month in advance) and I can use the App to stay on top of my schedule.

How has your job satisfaction changed whilst locuming?

For me I just feel a lot less stressed and more able to provide better care for patients compared to my previous role. It just feels more liberating to be able to shape my own schedule in terms of flexibility which simply results in a much better work-life balance. 

How has your work-life balance changed since you’ve become a Locum?

I can plan my shifts around my personal life instead of the other way around, which makes me feel much more at ease. Most shifts are also not too long (7-8 hr shifts) which makes it much more manageable to have time for other things such as spending time with family and friends, exercising or taking classes.

How have your skills developed since the move into locuming?

I get to work with experienced GP's who provide additional support and advice, also providing educational resources to further my development. I have gained more experience in managing a wider variety of patients across different practices which has encouraged more independent learning, as well as brushing up on practical skills.

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