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Locum PA Ltd


Locum PA has been supporting clients since 2017 with remote working.  We have the know-how to ensure that when appropriate, patients can be seen safely and efficiently via remote working. 

We can offer multiple services to your patients off site

Telephone consultations

Telephone appts or Triage

Video Consultations



Docman & Admin

Actioning results


chat with the team

For further information and enquiries please click on the LiveChat icon

IT Consultancy

Our Team will get your practice up and running in 10mins


Telephone triage and Telephone consultations are all part of the PA role in Primary Care - Our experience allows for safe and efficient working

Telephone Anchor


With remote access software, our experienced PAs can securely carry out videoconsultations anywhere 

Video Anchor


A backlog of docman that needs actioning by a clinician? No problem!

Docman Anchor


Our medical expertise means that actioning investigations is all part of the day job

Results Anchor
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