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Here are a few examples of where Locum PA have helped our happy clients. 

Locum PA cater for both Primary and Secondary Care

We provide Medical Services on contractual or temporary basis to:


  • General Practice

  • Walk in Centres

  • A&E

  • Surgical wards & Surgical Assisting

  • Private Health Care

Berrymead GP Surgery

GP located in Buckinghamshire and serve 12,000 patients.

Berrymead Surgery had struggled to recruit a salaried GP for a long time and was relying on locum GPs. Financially, this was unsustainable and needed an alternative to help with service provision. They required a clinician who could see patients of any age, acute and chronic diseases. We approached the surgery and offered some taster sessions to show them how experienced Physician Associates work in primary care. We saved them 40% on locum costs with our medical service providers compared to the same number of patient contacts. They were pleased with the scope and breadth of experienced Physician Associates.

  • Locum Physician Associate
  • Link to Locum PA

Walk in Centre

Walk in Centre located in the London capital

Open 8-8pm,  7 days a week

A walk-in centre consisting of two GPs, a Nurse and an ANP approached us for assistance. Due to the vast number of patients visiting the centre, they needed other generalist clinicians to help lighten the load. A trial of our experienced PAs showed the client that PAs could handle the acute and chronic presentations in this environment and help with wound management. The client then grew a pool of regular workers covering pre-planned rotas and ad-hoc bookings in times of need. 

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