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Terms and Conditions for PA Promotions

These are the terms and conditions for Physician Associates Locums aka Contractors, that use this site, Locum PA Ltd and engage in Professional Medical Services through this site and associated partner sites.

By continuation and participation in the use of Locum PA Ltd, its website, partner sites, scheduling and clients you hereby agree to the terms. 

'Multiple Shifts' & 'Sign-Up Special' Bonus Scheme

  1. The Promotion is scheduled to take place from 23rd February 2023 until 31st March 2023 (inclusive).

  2. To be eligible, only shifts booked on or after 23rd February will qualify for the promotion. 

  3. Existing shifts booked before 23rd February will not be eligible for this promotion.

  4. You must complete 21 hours or over within seven days to qualify for the bonus payment.

  5. The bonus payment will be applied on all shifts completed within the seven-day period.

  6. The bonus payment will be added to your usual pay schedule. 

  7. The bonus will be provided to you by LocumPA Ltd.

  8. There is no limit to the number of bonuses paid out during this period (available each week until 31st March 2023).

  9. If you complete less than the specified 21 hours over seven days, you do not qualify for the bonus payment. 

  10. The £50 Sign-Up Special is only available to new members completing their first shift between 23rd February 2023 and 31st March 2023 (inclusive).

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