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Locum PA Ltd


Reach out to patients,
no matter their location

Locum PA has the know-how

Locum PA has been supporting clients for over two years with remote working. 

We have the know-how to ensure that when you close your doors,
you can still see patients via remote working. 

You can get started in 3 simple steps...


Step 1

Click here to download the remote access software to your desktop.

TeamViewer is required to allow remote access to the site PC. Through this connection, the remote clinician can gain access to EMIS and Docman. 

  • Locum Physician Associate
  • Link to Locum PA

Step 2

Click on the desktop icon to open TeamViewer and create a session. 

Remote working

We were approached by a walk in centre who were struggling to hire salaried GPs to fill the 08:00-20:00 - 7 day rota. After our presentation of our services, how PAs work in primary care and the technology our company uses we initiated a trial period. Our Physician Associates were able to see the mix of acute and chronic medical conditions that presented to the site. With our personalised service provision and individual client manager we were able to cover gaps in their rotas. We have acquired ongoing contracts covering adhoc shifts at this site.

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