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About us

LocumPA was set up to provide a better way of working for PAs in 2013 and is the biggest employer of PAs in the UK.

Through the use of technology and quality service provision by excellent PAs we have become an integral part of our clients' healthcare provision services. 

While some people may consider us an agency,  we are not an agency!

We are a medical service provider specialising in the Physician Associate profession. In fact, at the time of writing around 95% of our workers are salaried (PAYE), but the option of locuming is there too. 

What is working with LocumPA Ltd like?
  • What is a Physician Associate
    "Physician Associates are medically trained, generalist healthcare professionals, who work alongside doctors and provide medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. Physician associates are dependent practitioners working with a dedicated medical supervisor, but are able to work autonomously with appropriate support" Royal College of Physicians 2017
  • Why Use Locum PA?
    Locum PA was establish in 2013 and has been putting PAs at the heart of healthcare since the first UK cohorts of Physician Associates graduated. We have been around since the birth of the profession in the UK. The company is run & owned by experienced Physician Associates and not by recruiters. >80% of the PA workforce is registered with us With all of our expertise and experience we believe we are The Gold Standard in Physician Associate service provision
  • How does supervision work?
    PAs will require a certain amount of supervision in their medical practice. This will vary somewhat from individual to individual and is dependent on a number of factors including, but not limited to, their previous healthcare experience and years of experience as a Physician Associate.
  • Delegation of medical services to PAs
    PAs are able to practice in the UK as a result of a clause in the British General Medical Council’s guidance on good medical practice. Delegation is discussed in paragraph 54 as follows: “Delegation involves asking a colleague to provide treatment or care on your behalf. Although you will not be accountable for the decisions and actions of those to whom you delegate, you will still be responsible for the overall management of the patient, and accountable for your decision to delegate. When you delegate care or treatment you must be satisfied that the person to whom you delegate has the qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills to provide the care or treatment involved. You must always pass on enough information about the patient and the treatment they need.” For further information, see the General Medical Council’s website and statement on good medical practice. ​
  • Indemnity?
    Locum PA Ltd provideds full Medical Indemnity to all Physician Associates that work through the compnay unless they are already covered. PA indemnity cover can be supplied via MPS and MDDUS.
  • What can PAs do?
    Physician associates work across a variety of medical and surgical specialties in England and Scotland. PAs see patients of all ages for acute and chronic medical care. They obtain: medical histories conduct comprehensive physical exams request and interpret tests diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries advise on preventive health care. They are able to make referrals, discharge or admit patients and can arrange for intermediate care or community services as well. Experienced PAs help with teaching for the PA and medical students as well as qualified members of staff.
  • How are PAs Educated?
    PA training is Post-graduate in the UK. Candidate must have an undergraduate science related degree. The programmes are a minimum of 90 weeks over two years (3,200 hours) and based on the Competence and Curriculum Framework for Physician Assistants (DH, 2006, Revised 2012). PAs then have to pass a national exam to enter into professional practice. They must re-certify every six years to continue to practice.

More questions? Please see our Help Centre and type in your question or speak to us on the live chat.


LocumPA Ltd was set up in 2013 to provide an organisation to establish and help the Physician Associate profession in the world of locum work. We are passionate about the profession and continually strive to improve the working environment for Physician Associates. 


As a company, we provide Medical Services on a contractual or temporary basis to:


  • General Practice

  • Walk in Centres

  • A&E

  • Medical specialities

  • Surgical wards & Surgical Assisting

  • Private Health Care

  • Remote working


We also provide consultancy work and advise new clients on how to integrate PAs into their healthcare setting.

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